Practical learning


Practical Training Specialisation (GH-3-005)

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Examiner: Savolainen Jari

Learning outcomes

  • After completing the unit of study (knowledge):
    - You will have deepened your expertise in caring
    for the critically ill patient
    - You will be able to identify the need for care
    and to plan, implement and evaluate care
  • On completion of the unit of study (skill):
    - You are able to use scientific sources in your
    healthcare practice
    - You can use different digital possibilities
    within health care
    - You can take care of the patient in different
    contexts or to understand the need and methods for
    health promotion, rehabilitative care and a
    leadership to promote health
  • After completing the unit of study (approach):
    - You have the ability to reflect on your own
    competence and development needs
    - You are able to respond to and create a care
    relationship with different patients and their
    - Your ethical approach is reflected in your