Practical learning


Clinical practice: Psychiatric Nursing (NS-1-022)

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Examiner: Savolainen Jari

Learning outcomes

  • At the end of the course the student is expected to be able to:
    Theoretical competence:
    Knows the structure of psychiatric health care system
  • Has knowledge about mental health and disturbances in mental health
  • Competence to act in practical situations:
  • Understands the special aspects of the processes in mental health care and has capacity to apply this
  • Is able to identify, meet and take care of patients suffering from different kind of mental problems and illnesses
  • Can participate in planning, realizing and evaluation of patient care, furthermore has capacity to create an individual plan for patient care
  • Understands the meaning of caring relationship, furthermore has capacity to use the self to promote patient's mental health
  • Ethical competence:
    Can apply ethical principles in psychiatric context
  • Is aware about own capacities and limits, furthermore can use counseling as a professional tool for self development
  • Understands variations in the phenomena of closeness and distance in psychiatric care

    Learning outcome for pedagogics:
    Shows capacity to apply knowledge in pedagogics by planning, realizing and evaluation a teaching session for patients and personal