Practical learning


Practical Training 1 - Clinical Physiotherapy (FT-2-065)

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Examiner: Hellstén Kati

Learning outcomes

  • At the end of the course the student is expected
    to be able to:
  • - be familiar with the duties of a
    physiotherapist in the health care sector and at
    the practical placement.
  • - Knowing the ethical principles and be able to
    apply them in practice
  • - be able to search, understand and use
    documented information and be able to orally and
    in writing account for the physiotherapy process
  • - be able to, supervised, come to conclusions
    regarding the need for physiotherapy and
    supervised plan and implement physiotherapy
  • - be able to apply appropriate techniques,
    and forms of exercise in order to promote the
    health of both individuals and groups.
  • - be able with guidance in collaboration with
    patient / client, family members and other
    professionals evaluate physiotherapy.