Practical learning


Clinical Practice: Home Care and Outpatient Care (VA-2-069)

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Examiner: Ekman Petra

Learning outcomes

  • The student is familiar with home care as a
    working field.
  • The student knows who the most relevant
    collaborators are within home care and knows
    which occupational groups are part of the home
    care team.
  • The student participates in home care staff
    meetings and can see the connection between the
    administrative work and the practical field
    work from the nurses´ perspective.
  • The student practices skills that are of
    relevance for the nurse/public health nurse in
    home care/out of hospital care.
  • The student is able to vary his/her way of work
    depending on the client´s age and cultural
  • The student can plan, carry out and evaluate a
    home care visit, prioritize the need of care,
    estimate and document the need of nutrition,
    hygien, mobility and need for pharmaceuticals.
  • The student is able to carry out a home visit