Practical learning


Clinical Practice: Clinical Care (VA-2-126)

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Examiner: Karbin Daniela

Learning outcomes

  • At the end of the course the student is
    expected to be able to
    communicate and care for the the patient and
    her/his relatives
  • have basic knowledge and skills regarding the
    patients needs
  • you understand the importance of hospital
    infections and can work in an aseptic manner
  • you are able to choose the right activities in
    the care of the patient
  • you understand the both patients resources and
    symptoms in the care of the internal and
    surgical patient
  • you understand the importance of patient safety
    and medicine safety
  • You have the competence to take care of dying
  • you understand the most common clinical care
    situations and know how to act in them
  • you can report about the patients health status
  • you understand the care process of an internal
    and surgical patient and are able to coach the
  • you are able the make observations about the
    surgical patient, make them ready for different
    activities and assist when needed