Practical learning


Practical Training - Children Hospital and Psychiatric Nursing (AV-2-066)

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Examiner: Savolainen Jari

Learning outcomes

  • At the end of the course the student is
    to be able to understand the organizational
    structure of mental and pediatric health care.
    The student can meet, support and care a
    psychiatric and a pediatric patient in acute
    phases of the illness. The student can apply
    ethical principles in caring, the student
    understands her/his role in the caring
    relationship and understands the meaning of
    counseling in developing mental and pediatric
    health care.
    Specific goals for Pediatric care
    Theoretical knowledge
    - know the most common diseases that occur on
    ward and be aware of the barriersrs these cause
    for children and family
    - ability to act
    understand what impact a disease has on
    and family
    - ability to meet with respect and sensitively
    listen to and create a safe environment for
    children and family
    - ability to create caring relationship with
    children and family perform the basic care and
    - report assessments orally and written
    -ability to work as team member and member of
    multiprofessional team.
    -ability to plan and act in first aid
    -ability to create own learning goals, create
    strategies how to meet these carries out and
    evaluate those.
    - understands the precautions in medication
    Ethical approach
    - realizes the responsibility towards
    child/family/team and evaluates own activities
    from the humanistic base beginning with clients
    rights and own responsibilities.