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Clinical Practice: Out patients care (HV-3-003)

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Examiner: Ekman Petra

Learning outcomes

  • At the end of the course the student is expected
    to be able to:
    After completing the course, the student is
    expected to:
    - be able to do assessment of the need for care in
    the most common contacts at an outpatient clinic
    through the various channels of client contact
    available (reception, telephone, digital
    - perform care actions for the most common health
    problems in outpatient care.
    - guide clients on lifestyle issues regarding
    common diseases.
    - guide in the care of chronic diseases according
    to good care practices and established care paths.
    - apply their theoretical knowledge in practice in
    the outpatient clinic.
    - develop a health-promoting approach.
    - be able to communicate, respond to and guide
    people of different ages and life situations.
    - be able to plan, realize and report on care.
    - understand the importance of confidentiality and
    balance in the relationship with different
    professional partners having the client in focus.