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Internal Medicine Care, Clinical Practice (SJ-2-056)

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Examiner: Appelroth Maria

Learning outcomes

  • After completing the study unit:
  • You can systematically assess and evaluate the
    condition of the internal medicine patient with
    the help of various measuring instruments, as well
    as perform the basics of the internal medicine
    patient's care. (Knowledge)
  • You can explain and justify the choices of your
    caring actions in relation to the basics of
    nursing science. You can also develop the care
    based on this. (Skill)
  • You develop the ability to implement evidence-
    based nursing and perform your care activities
    according to current care recommendations. You
    work for sustainable development in nursing.
  • You can apply your knowledge of the most important
    internal medicine diseases and select and perform
    appropriate care actions based on the patient's
    health obstacles and symptoms. You can evaluate
    the need for care for a patient in need of urgent
    care. (Skill)
  • You deepen your knowledge in parenteral fluid and
    drug treatment of the internal medicine patient
    and know the most common medication groups used.
  • You understand the role of the nurse in the
    interprofessional teamwork in the care of the
    internal medicine patient. (Attitude)
  • You identify, analyze and reflect on internal
    medicine care from a nursing science and ethical
    perspective. (Attitude)