Practical learning


Fieldwork I (ET-2-026)

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Examiner: Werner Tove

Learning outcomes

  • After the practical training the student can:
  • - use professional reasoning according to existing research, knowledge and an occupational science perspective in order to describe the clients difficulties and to motivate choices made within the occupational therapy process
  • - use occupational therapy methods and principles in order to map out, assess and negotiate treatment goals using GAS; Goal Attainment Scaling method
  • - participate in making treatment plan, interventions and documentation for the own occupational therapy client
  • - create and maintain a companionship with the client and other people of significance to the client
  • - use existing recommendations and legislation in order to motivate for/show for the clients rights to receive treatment and/or rehabilitation
  • - participate in the multi professional teamwork by consulting other professions and report about the clients´ occupational therapy
  • - take responsibility about the work task that has been assigned regarding the own occupational therapy client
  • - use guidance efficiently a part of the process of professional growth
  • - follow the existing principles and cooperative strategies within the organization
  • -evaluate her/his own knowledge, skills and attitude within client work