Practical learning


Practice 4 (II-2-185)

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Examiner: Taskinen Topi

Learning outcomes

  • The student can guide adults' behavioural change
  • The student can apply theories and methods in
    health promotion and sports on an individual
  • The student can find out clients' situation using
    relevant methods in the beginning and at the end
    of the working period.
  • The student can set relevant goals for the
    behavioural change process.
  • The student can plan and use suitable methods
    (e.g. planning of physical training) based on
    the physical tests and individual goals.
  • The student can communicate in an understandable
    way (in writing, orally and visually) with the
    help of different communication styles och
    methods which suits for the target group and
  • The student knows how different values affect
    individuals and can take that into account when
    working with clients.
  • The student can evaluate his/her own skills and
    attitudes and see his/her own needs for
  • The student can apply ethical professional
    principles and work for safe work culture.
  • The student is responsible for his/her work and
    is active.
  • The student can cooperate, work in groups and
    work towards common goals.