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Practical Training - Prehospital Care on Advanced Level II (AV-2-065)

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Examiner: Ericsson Christoffer

Learning outcomes

  • Once you have completed the study unit you will be
    able to:
  • Independently make decisions on patient
    assessment, care and transport and evaluate the
    need for them, according, if possible, to current
  • Can, as a whole, be responsible and lead the
    systematic assessment and evaluation of a patient
    as well as initiation of care, based on a
    diagnostic hypothesis or symptoms. You can also
    plan the safe care of the patient within
    prehospital context, both before and during
    transport and evaluate the performed care in
    relation to the plan.
  • Can use evidence-based emergency medicine and
    pharmacology during prehospital patient care and
    apply that knowledge to your care.
  • Master the ability to guide and instruct patients
    and/or their relatives on continued car with
    clear, concise and adequate instructions.
  • Strengthen your ability to appear as an emergency
    care specialist through decisions made in
    concordance with patients, relatives and other
    professions and also through supporting the
    patient in preventing illness.
  • Can evaluate the quality of patient-centered
    prehospital and develop it, to the best of your
  • Master non-technical skills (according to ANTS and
    CRM frameworks) in the care of critically ill
    patient. Can also function according the
    principles of systematic pair work and task
    allocation on advanced-level emergency care
  • Can identify and describe ethical challenges in
    prehospital care situations and can reflect around
    the ethics and values of emergency care as well as
    act according to these principles.
  • Can perform an adequate and clear report according
    to current standards, both in written and verbal
  • Can reflect on your own knowledge and professional